Costs & Procedure


The fees for treatments are based on the respective hourly rate. Only the time needed will be charged. The treatment invoice will be sent via email after the session.

Our work is based on a fee of 200,00 €/h. 

First appointments last about 60 minutes

Follow-up appointments between 15-30 minutes

Our services and invoices are self-paying. They are not covered by public or private insurances.


 Remote test first appointment:

  •     Sending the medical history form via email (will be sent with the appointment confirmation).
  •     Short video call for anamnesis at the beginning of the appointment.
  •     Testing of symptoms, causes, solutions
  •     Creation of a protocol with all treatment recommendations
  •     Creation of a video protocol with all relevant information

 Further diagnostics (if necessary)

  •     Laboratory (blood, stool, urine)
  •     Referral to other therapists/doctors

Remote test follow-up appointment

  •     Email with the current condition to the remote healing practice
  •     Depending on the booking, short video call (usually not necessary)
  •     Protocol control, if necessary changes
  •     Progress controls (usually go fast)

Cancellation of appointments

If it should not be possible to keep an appointment, I ask for a punctual refusal, since otherwise a failure fee is computed.

  • Cancellation until 12:00 a.m. the day before = no fee
  • Cancellation from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. the day before = 30% cancellation fee from the hourly rate of the planned appointment time
  • Cancellation on the day of the appointment = 50% cancellation fee from the hourly rate of the planned appointment time