Autonomous Response Testing (ART) after Dr. Klinghardt

The Autonomous Response Testing is an important part of the neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt as well as a main pillar in the Bamberg practice. ART is a diagnostic system that was developed in the USA in recent years by Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Williams in cooperation with leading dentists, neurologists, orthopedists, chiropractors and healers.

In ART, the autonomous nervous system (ANS) is used in its role as an intermediary between all organs and cells of the body. Disturbances in the communication system of the ANS result in a disturbance of our health. With the help of the kinesiological muscle test, a bio-feedback method, it is possible to examine the condition of the ANS and to determine function-impairing stress.

With ART, the following causes of disease can be reliably found (among others):

  • Unsolved emotional conflicts and post-traumatic events
  • injuries of the mental body or higher bodies
  • Systemically influenced causes of disease
  • Energetic blockages and disorders
  • Food and environmental allergies
  • Geopathic stress (disturbed sleeping place, ...)
  • Biophysical stress (electrosmog, ...)
  • Toxin contamination (heavy metals, solvents, ...)
  • Chronic and acute infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites)
  • deficiencies (vitamins, fatty acids, salts, trace elements, ...)
  • Structural problems (malocclusion, postural defects, ...)