Ozone Therapy

What exactly is ozone?

Ozone (O3) - a colorless gas with a characteristic odor - is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is the energy-rich, active form of oxygen and is therefore also called "active oxygen". By supplying energy in the form of UV or electrical radiation, the oxygen is converted into ozone. The word "ozone" is usually associated with the ozone layer, which absorbs the sun's harmful UV light. The ozone in the outside world is the result of car and industrial exhaust fumes under the influence of sunlight. Without exhaust fumes and UV light, ozone is not created at night. However, ozone is also a strong oxidant, which is used worldwide for water disinfection and drinking water treatment due to its disinfecting properties.

Use in medicine

Medical (medicinal) ozone is a mixture of 0.05 to 5% pure ozone and 99.95 to 95% medically pure oxygen produced by silent electrical discharge. It is a drug that can be dosed exactly and is absorbed in msec in the blood and thus 15 times faster than oxygen. Afterwards, however, it is no longer detectable as an ozone molecule.

Ozone oxidizes the membrane of the blood cells - and because of their large number mainly of erythrocytes - during contact with the blood. Enzymes that intercept radicals neutralize the ozonides produced and set in motion a cascade of metabolic circuits. In the end, energy carriers (ATP) are produced, which are released to suffering tissue. The resulting improved energy supply has a positive effect on all organs.

The ozone treatment uses the oxidative influence of the ozone and not the excess oxygen.

System oriented treatment

A cure with medical ozone not only treats the complaints for which the treatment was started, but also has a positive effect on disorders that have not yet been discovered.

System oriented treatment

A cure with ozone not only treats the complaints for which the treatment was started, but also has a positive effect on disorders that have not yet been discovered.

Application forms

  • Major autologous blood treatment
  • Small autologous blood treatment
  • Rectal Insufflation (RI)
  • Intraarticular application
  • Subcutaneous application
  • Intracutaneous application with Quaddeling
  • Neural therapeutic applications (injection of trigger points)
  • Nasal Reflex Shower
  • Gassing of extremities


All diseases that are connected with a low or disturbed energy level of the body can be considered. However, depending on the stage, the supply of energy sources can have an undesirable effect in some diseases such as HIV infection. The same is true for cancer, especially if chemotherapy or radiation is given at the same time.

We will gladly give you advice on the treatment in individual cases.


It is necessary to discuss the metabolism under ozone therapy again:

So ozone therapy is not an oxygen therapy in the actual sense. Furthermore it is obvious that not a single ozone molecule is reinfused into the body. Therefore, no virus-loaded cells can be reached by means of the autohaemotherapy.

From this information it is clear that there are only a small number of contraindications:

1) G-6-PD deficiency Explanation: the enzyme is required to start the pentose shunt, which is necessary for the regeneration of NADP. When the glutathione peroxidase reductase is activated, NADP+ is produced in excess and must be returned to NADPH.


2) Untreated hyperthyroidism Explanation: the already overactive metabolism is further stimulated by the supply of energy sources. Treated hyperthyroidism is excluded from the contraindication.

3) Sickle-cell disease Explanation: Glycolysis increases the amount of 1.3-DPG, which results in an increase of 2.3-DpG. An increase of 2.3-DPG is responsible for the deformation of red blood cells and is induced. There is a particular risk of triggering a stroke.

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