Regulations Thermography

Regulatory thermography is one of the best methods to achieve a reliable diagnosis of the autonomic nervous system. This allows disturbances in the regulatory capacity of organs, nerves, connective tissue and lymph to be reliably detected. These results allow a comprehensive assessment of the causes of certain clinical pictures. This provides an exact basis for planning the therapy. The success of the therapy can also be monitored during the course of treatment using regulatory thermography. 

Examples of diagnosable clinical pictures

  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
  • Breast (cancer screening, early detection of changes)
  • Liver diseases and malfunctions
  • Cancer screening and diagnostics
  • Prostate diseases
  • Hormonal dysfunctions (thyroid, ovaries, pituitary gland)
  • Heart health (cardiac output, Irritant conduction)
  • brain health and headaches
  • tooth foci, jaw problems, sinus problems
  • lung function
  • lung function
  • viruses and bacterial chronic colonization
  • intestinal health, fungal loads, food intolerances
  • lymph flow, detoxification performance
  • toxic loads on the connective tissue

Who is it suitable for?

For everyone!! One of the main services of regulatory thermography is early and early diagnosis. Long before one feels ill or an illness develops, one can already recognize dysregulations in the organism. As long as a disease has not yet broken out, these conditions can be corrected relatively easily.

For known diseases. With the regulation thermography one can wonderfully find out not yet discovered connections. For example, the unknown dental focus that causes intestinal problems, or a lymphatic congestion in the throat, which is partly responsible for rhythm disturbances of the heart.

As therapy support: No matter which doctor or therapist you are treated by, with the Thmerography there is a safe possibility to measure and document the success of a therapy. This also applies to the often difficult adjustment to certain conventional medical drugs. 

How is this done?

One of the most modern devices in the field of thermography is used, the AlfaSight 9000 from Alfa Thermodiagnostics.

The temperature is measured on the head, neck, upper body and back at certain fixed points with a measuring device. There is then a 10-minute cooling phase during which the body makes a vegetative adaptation to the room temperature. In simplified terms, the body is colder at the arms and legs and warmer in the center.

A second measurement run then follows to record the adjusted temperatures. These measurement data are analyzed and put into context in a complex procedure in the laboratory of Alfa Thermodiagnostics.

From the reactions of the body, reliable conclusions can be drawn about the health of the associated organs. Is the organ governing normally or too hot? Is it too cold or does it not react at all?

Sobald die Ergebnisse vorliegen, erfolgt die Planung der weiteren Vorgehensweise der Behandlung