Russian - Mental Field Technique

Based on old healing knowledge, the new impulses in the field of health come from Russia.

Grigori Grabovoj, a mathematician, academic and inventor, who had clairvoyant abilities as a child, is the developer of these wonderful controls for restoring health.

Long before the organs show physical symptoms, your energy level drops sharply. By controlling with this special technique, it is often possible to completely prevent the outbreak of a disease.

>Beyond that, with this wonderful method it is also possible to work and change in many other areas, such as pain, unfulness of partner, stress or deficiency.

In Russia, researchers with paranormal abilities were supported by the state and military, and they achieved amazing results. Just like Grigori Grabovoj.

The control techniques (individual visualization techniques), based on the deep realization of what it means to be a person living completely in his or her center, free of negative symptoms and defects of all kinds, and not a victim of one's own fate.

Through special concentration exercises (controls), the forces of man can be used to work for the benefit of all people and for the optimal development of the universe and the earth according to the divine norm.

There are many different controls, depending on the symptoms of the individual.

The goal of these controls is to bring people back to personal responsibility through the tool of active participation.

Areas of application:

  • chronic illnesses
  • allergies
  • pain
  • unfulfilled desire for children
  • overweight
  • finding the ideal partner
  • career goals
  • psychological stress
  • deficiencies
  • and many more