Systemic Transformation Work

What is this therapy?

When people meet each other, relationships develop between these people. These can be very strong, like within the family or among friends, or weaker, like among work colleagues or with the neighbors.

As long as these relations correspond to the basic rules of systemics, everything is ok. However, if these basic laws are violated, difficulties in individual everyday life can also arise.

How does a treatment proceed?

The whole thing takes place in a single setting. You come with your request and the therapist determines together with you the persons and circumstances to be considered. Afterwards, a therapeutic-systemic setting is created in the room, depending on the topic at hand.

This can happen within the family, with the partner, the boss or work colleague or with other people, life situations, animals and even objects.

The quarrel one has with the mother, the missing love of the partner, the bullying employees, or the failure with the partner search etc.

These are all examples of disorders in relationships between people and situations.

Through the systemic transformation work

  • these networks of relationships are gently revealed and vividly depicted, the disturbances or violations of the basic rules are made visible
  • the necessary basic order between the affected persons is restored and disturbances or violations are transformed. This usually has a positive effect directly in the personal everyday life.

And here a special option:

It is possible to do this form of systemic work from a distance. This means that you do not necessarily have to be present in persona in our practice to enjoy a systemic session.

It has been proven with a large number of people that it is absolutely successful and satisfying to do a session at a distance. In the course of the session and the results, we could not tell the difference between having a participant in our practice or having the session at a distance. This gives you the great opportunity to have a systemic session no matter where you come from, whether you are limited in time or not. All you need is a computer or laptop with a microphone and camera, and a place where you are undisturbed. If you would like to make an appointment for a systemic session, please tell us when you make the appointment that you would like to have a remote session. You will then receive instructions on how it works.

Please contact us for further questions!