MFT - Mentalfield Therapy

The mental field technique (MFT) is based on the knowledge that incorrectly processed information can cause permanent blockages.

The application of MFT leads to a reorganization of the thought and feeling structures and a continuous connection between the physical, the energetic and the mental body without blockades and disturbing factors.

Through this you become open and it not only improves your life circumstances, your physical and mental ailments, the clarity of your thinking and decision making, but often there is also a personal development boost.

With MFT we try to help you to get in contact with your innermost desires and to reach your life goals.

This technique is also very well suited for self-help. In the meantime it has become a central element of kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt and could be proven with an objective measuring instrument (Heart-Rate-Variability Device).


MFT is an excellent technique that connects the energetic and mental levels by bringing to light key words that are important for you in a session together with you.

By tapping the MFT areas, repeating sentences and turning your attention to the problem from within, the associated stress is gently decoupled.

When tapping the MFT areas, always use as many fingertips of both hands as possible, since this way a large number of acupuncture points in the face, neck and chest area can be tapped quickly and effectively.

A big advantage of MFT is that you only work with what comes from you.

  • With this new, ultra-fast and non-invasive intervention, acute and chronic states of stress are reduced.
  • Burdening feelings are quickly unblocked by the guided energetic self-treatment, e.g. stress before exams, job interviews, dentist, flight, etc.
  • The self-healing powers of the body are activated.
  • The self-healing powers of the body are activated.
  • In addition to conventional medical therapy, we try to alleviate chronic pain energetically.
  • Unpleasant feelings that accompany your life and constrict you can be decoupled.
  • Blockades, which prevent a healthy and happy life, can be dissolved with MFT.
  • Gradually, more peace, new hope, more energy and joy of life can be found.
  • The self-confidence and self-esteem grows and therefore desired professional and private goals and visions become more attainable.