Matthias Cebula is introduced

“What do the best do? What do they do differently? I want to and will learn from them! And there is always something to learn. My spirit of research loves that!"

I was very curious about these, as I had once dealt with Russian doctors and had met and experienced members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (very clever people, by the way!).

With a few aha-moments, new insights for connections and the thought "but I like these two very much together!", I went to Matthias and Daniela after the final applause to thank them for their lecture.

Daniela and Matthias Cebula and their assistant in practice "I live what I teach
Survival training with the Bundeswehr

The officer's training as a grandiose teacher.

Whether someone later becomes a really good therapist is often related to their path in life.

What was learned, what experiences were made, how did your own personality develop? What does someone have to contribute as a human being besides his medical knowledge?

Anyone who joins the Bundeswehr after graduating from high school experiences more good things there than one would first suspect (since I, the author, once gave a lecture on the 16 life motives and their significance for the military to prospective international generals at the Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr in Hamburg, I distinguish between what military leaders try to implement such as trustful international cooperation, preventing escalation and what politicians expect them to do instead, but I don't want to digress too much here... ).

A combination that does not sound very promising for Matthias. Matthias Cebula is a doer inside. Not one who wants to be parked somewhere. And dawns there in involuntary inactivity.

How does the human being tick?

For one year he completed management training, studied the laws of successful communication and even learned how to behave perfectly at an elegant banquet (a James Bond training, so to speak - prepared for all situations in life).

At just 21 years of age he is leading a "train" with 50 people. As a young officer he is fully recognized in this leadership role. Discipline, clear communication and foresighted action are his strengths.

Matthias as a pilot candidate in Sardinia
It may go uphill and paths may also be challenging!

"Why not go into the economy?"

The economy needs clear thinking, well structured people with leadership qualities.

So Matthias Cebula ended up studying business administration in Bamberg, only to find out after completing his basic studies that business administration is not really his world either.

To advise people - that's it! Counseling people made him happy.

As an insurance broker, however, as is well known, one should rather be a salesman than a fair and honest advisor, and here again a gap opened up between being and doing, i.e. between Matthias Cebula's character and what he would have to do as a financial specialist in order to make sufficient turnover.

Ok, then back to the university after all. New orientation with the studies Diplom-Pädagogik and the main focus on psychology, nutritional education and adult education.

How does the world work?

If you decide to play Shaolin Kung Fu, a movement meditation instead of sport, instead of playing soccer as a teenager, you usually develop a tendency towards philosophy.

In Shaolin Kung Fu he made it to the level of a grandmaster, later on he trained the young people as a teacher - and because lived philosophy does not only take place on the mat, he read almost everything he could get his hands on.

Personality coaching, that's it for now. With all the life topics like family, partnership and career, the skilful handling and solving of conflicts, the psychological topics that we all carry around with us. Questions about nutrition were added, the topic of health, environmental toxins and harmful substances.

Shaolin Kung Fu - Master and Trainer. Even movements can be more than just sport!
Shaolin Kung Fu - strengthening of body and mind

The Warrior of Life

The Warrior of Life was on the one hand a concept for a workshop of several days for the economy - and on the other hand also for a book.

East-West philosophy combined with the martial arts on the mat and around it.

When Matthias Cebula left pregnant with his book (and everybody who wants to write a book, by the way, starts reading more books from that moment on!) he discovered his first book by Dietrich Klinghardt.

And on one of the first pages of this book by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - he could not believe his eyes! - he sees a diagram, which he - Matthias - had developed in exactly the same way and very laboriously. (Klinghardt's diagram was much prettier, though!) Matthias Cebula had caught the "Klinghardt virus" at that moment:

with deep respect for his books he devoured Klinghardt's works, bought all the DVDs and studied the Klinghardt method as thoroughly as he could. Since even the most talented autodidacts can still learn a lot from experienced professionals, he first began with a course in "Autonomous Regulation Testing" (then RD, now abbreviated ART) with his teacher Dr. Alfons Schwanner, before starting the complete training in 2010.

Officer, pilot, certified pedagogue, Kung Fu grandmaster, coach, Klinghardt therapist:

But there was still something missing! There was a lack of medical training. 

So Matthias Cebula started with the small non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (with all his training and knowledge a piece of cake) and then immediately afterwards to make the big non-medical practitioner.

And here he met Tom Gries. A surprising encounter for both of them in the field of medicine, since they knew each other from the gastro-scene. Tom ran a restaurant and had been a bartender for a long time, Matthias first waited tables in a disco, only to later become its manager (to be honest, the two of them reside with their practices just a few streets away from each other, they get along splendidly, work well together and complement each other excellently in their offerings and specialties).

Books and knowledge are pretty much best friends for the curious
Matthias in his practice in Bamberg

1000 facets of life

Tons of trainings, tens of very different jobs, whether in a factory, at Mc Donald, as a waiter or in the insurance, whoever has completed this, already knows life pretty well, first hand!

"It will be this woman!“

What would life be without love?! The love for books is quite beautiful, the love for another human being once again a completely different and great happiness.

This luck came in 2006 as Daniela. And what did the two talk about on their first date? About family constellation! About Matthias it had happened in that moment. In 2007 they got married.

Daniela's focus is on psychological topics, family constellation, also Russian Information Medicine, psycho-kinesiology. The unresolved emotional conflicts are in the best hands with her.

Healing works best with absolutely exact diagnostics

What Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has developed in such an impressive way is the very precise diagnostics. What causes what? What connections are there? What affects our body system and in what way?

The restless mind wants to do research!

And somewhere there will be an expert! Without a clear diagnosis, healing is simply not possible, because then at best the symptoms disappear, but the focus of the disease remains. And the exact diagnosis is something Matthias Cebula celebrates devotedly.

He also does not give up when patients come with rare diseases or symptoms that are obviously (still) unknown in this country. In these cases, research is being done!

English or American studies requested, researched on international medical platforms and read a lot of literature, tracked down the experts on this topic abroad and acquired the knowledge about it.

Since applied neurobiology according to Klinghardt (ANK) is an open system, everything else about sensible and elegant therapies can be well integrated here.

Our body system knows everything. Therefore everything can be tested. What is stressing you? What is good for you! What do you need?
The knowledge is there, only: How do I get the patients to give up bad habits?

How can I teach an adult?

Most of us feel the same way: we want things to get better, but we may not change ourselves or our behavior.

If you are not well trained as a doctor or therapist here or if you are a natural talent, you will often be frustrated because the dear patients prefer to keep their dear habits.

How cool, if you can also draw on the experience as an officer and from adult education as a therapist here.

Nothing is defended as vehemently as your own food preferences! Most people prefer to do without house and yard rather than their favorite food. And since the topic of "healthy eating" is not clear, the fashions change every year, there are always new orientations and gurus, most people are close to this topic anyway. Whom should one be able to still believe! Exactly! But nothing helps at all.

Who suffers from the so-called "autoimmune diseases", who has allergies, whose liver is overloaded, has to deal with the topic nutrition. And as a therapist, this requires a lot of patience, understanding, good arguments and tireless education. If you want to have healing success as a patient, you have to rethink and go along with it.

Whether raw food, blood group diet, paleo, the Chinese 5 elements or Ayurveda…

Matthias Cebula tried out and lived these different nourishing teachings in each case for approximately one year with his wife and the three children. He also wanted to know: How do you put this into practice when both parents work and the children go to kindergarten and school?

Is that even possible, and if so - how?

What works best? High Carb - Low Fat!

This form of nutrition is plant-based. Fats are eaten (our brain needs them just as much as our hormone production), but only in their natural state as olives, avocado or coconut.

Matthias Cebula's experiences and insights: The isolated fats are often the problem for the patients, so the delicious olive oils, the so hyped coconut oil.

Many symptoms disappear if the isolated fats are not used. Since everything is tested in his practice, the omniscient, intelligent body system immediately tells him whether it tolerates olive oil or just the olives.

Olives are valuable fat in their natural state
What does your body system react to with an adverse reaction? Everything can be tested.

Usually it is the olives that do good. Because our liver is often heavily overloaded with the isolated oils. With a renouncement of it, also rapidly the Cholesterinwerte change... and as desired downward. (Since Matthias recognized this, all the coconut oil jars of the Cebulas are standing unopened in the cellar).

By the way, Matthias Cebula's diet is always tested in conjunction with the symptoms, so that the patient experiences first-hand that there is a recognizable connection - and he can no longer avoid recognizing the influence of his favorite foods on his thyroid problems or arthrosis pain.

And when 8 to 12 weeks later the blood values have changed positively, then the change has been worthwhile.

Without personal responsibility nothing happens

Of course a therapist can delete the pain memory points.

However, our fasciae require continuous attention and care.

Be it that the body is stretched regularly or massaged with a fascia roller so that the fascia do not shorten.

Matthias Cebula does not complain, he prefers to move his patients gently but determinedly, with clear announcements in the right direction for them.

(Once an officer, always an officer!)

Desire for children? There are wonderful solutions!

Matthias and Daniela have four children. Three adopted children and one foster child.

When it became clear that the two of them would not be able to do this themselves with their offspring, but that they wanted to give their love and knowledge to little people and live with children, accompany them and watch them grow up, they decided to choose foster children.

An approach as humane as it is endearing, which both also recommend to their patients who have a strong desire to have children. There is a wonderful solution here! The children are already here and these children need loving parents!

Stop grieving and tormenting yourself. Take care with all your heart for the little ones who need you now and who are waiting for you! If you want to be parents, you can make this wish come true.

The little ones need the big ones. And for the big ones the small ones are a great happiness.
A family to fall in love with

Animals, photos and remote treatment

Whoever deals with quantum physics and photons is not surprised, everyone else is: The photons on a normal photo (not a digital photo) are quantum entangled with the persons or animals shown on the photo.

This creates a field of information that can be read and used. The fact that "natives" do not like to be photographed, because they see their soul in danger, is therefore a completely correct assessment.


It is not uncommon for a child to ask: "Can't you treat my dogs too?" (Can the Matthias). Or even a horse. Whereby the latter then does not come galloping vehemently into the practice, but gets a remote diagnosis via an analog photo.


Autonomous Regulation Testing, regulation thermography, blood urine stool laboratory


Hock therapy, LNB pain therapy, ozone therapy, phyto therapy, Sophia Matrix therapy, detox footbath

Energetic Information Medicine:

Photophoresis, PhotonWave treatment, biophoton mirrors, homeopathy


PK Psycho-kinesiology, MFT mental field therapy, Russian mental field therapy, systemic constellation work

Main topics:

Early diagnosis, chronic diseases, acute diseases, allergies, intolerances, digestive disorders, orthopedic disorders, hormonal disorders, lymph congestion, psychological stress

Moments of reflection belong to the personal development

Article taken with kind permission of Silke Samel: